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Carnaval Chair by Guido Lanari and Jesica Vicente

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Designer Jinsun Park has designed the Color Picker concept, a marker that is made with a color sensor and ink cartridges.

When you spot a color that you would like to use in the real world, simply scan the sample with one end of the pen, which will detect the color and use the RGB cartridge to mix the necessary inks to produce the target color.

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i need another season pleeeeaaasee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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thats why i love cristina yang

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Does anyone keep a ruler/tape measure at their desk to check out real world scale when designing and sketching things? Like, can you really feel comfortable on a table twenty inches wide? (maybe if you’re a kid!)  Is that shelf deep enough, etc.  Here’s a beautiful tool that I’d like to have, straight out of South Korea. Tape measure, straight edge, and compass all in one. 

From Dezeen-

Designer Sunghoon Jung of South Korea has devised a combined tape measure and pair of compasses. The retractable ruler has holes along its length and a pin at the entrance to the case so it can be fixed to the surface, while a pencil slotted in the other end draws a circle. There’s also a slot down one side of the tape for drawing straight lines. 

Also, I just took a pattern making course, and was delighted to see the similarities between it and architectural drafting.  This pretty piece might have come in handy.

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